Event Management 

From initial planning to load out Overwatch has you covered. We provide a suite of event management solutions to meet our customers needs. Permit acquisition, armed and unarmed staff, command center operation, threat assessment and mitigation, cash management, credentialing, vendor selection, video surveillance, site wide internet access, and two-way radio systems just to name a few.

Unarmed Security Guards

At Overwatch we design and deploy total security solutions for our customers. If your solution includes unarmed security, Overwatch employees and provides the best unarmed guards available. All of our unarmed guards are held to the same quality and ethics standards as our Law Enforcement professionals. Above and beyond state licensure requirements, Overwatch unarmed guards receive additional training in many areas; including our strict professionalism and ethics standards. Regardless if your solution requires 2 or 200 unarmed personnel, Overwatch is ready to meet the need.

Traffic Management and road closure

​At Overwatch we take the headache out of traffic management. Permitting, planning, setup, staffing, and tear-down. We are your “turn key” traffic management partner.   

Load control and protection

While in transit, high value assets are increasingly vulnerable to both internal and external threats. If you are faced with the need to transport high value assets, Overwatch’s load control solution is for you. Overwatch can provide specially trained Private Duty Law Enforcement Officers to accompany your asset while in transit. Equipped with unmarked vehicle(s) and highly secure encrypted two-way radios, our officers will maintain control and protection of your asset from origin to destination. Rather it be across town or across the Country, Overwatch has you covered.

Private Duty Law Enforcement Officers

We employ and provide our customers with the highest quality P.O.S.T certified law enforcement officers. These officers are law enforcement professionals and are capable of operating in a uniformed or “plain-clothed” capacity. Our officers are fully equipped based on assignment. Radio, patrol car, and less lethal just to name a few. Just like all of our solutions, ones involving law enforcement officers are completely custom.

Close Protection and Personal Threat Ecosystem Management

At Overwatch, we do close protection differently. Like all of our other services, personal security solutions are highly customized to meet your individual needs. We view close protection as a part of a comprehensive personal threat ecosystem management plan. Threats no longer are simply physical attacks, they come in many different shapes and sizes. Working closely with the client, our specialists develop and deploy highly granular defenses to an ever-evolving threat ecosystem. Digital security, personal electronic device security, physical security and support staff background are just a few of the items addressed during the creation of your solution.

When time comes to select your close protection operators, we realize this process is far from “one size fits all”. We provide multiple highly skilled and experienced operators to choose from. With guidance from your Overwatch advisor, you as the client will have the opportunity to interview and select the operator(s) that you feel will work best for you. Although we highly recommend our custom solutions, we realize sometimes urgent needs do arise. Overwatch stands ready to mobilize operators to meet your need immediately.



Overwatch TN Security is Nashville’s premier security solutions provider.  Our mission is to be “so much more than just another security company”.  We are led by owner Joshua Crowe.  Mr. Crowe is a Nashville Native with over 17 years in law enforcement as well as several years in a Director role of Private Duty law enforcement.  With that extensive experience in a leader, we are able to provide the best possible service to our customers. 



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