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Crowe Overwatch TN Security Welcomes Madelyn Mercer

Nashville, Tenn. Apr. 6, 2021Crowe Overwatch TN Security has hired Ms. Madelyn Mercer as the Director of Sales and Recruiting. She will be responsible for finding and guiding new employees through the HR process, as well as answering inquiries from prospective clients. Crowe Overwatch TN Security created the position in order to streamline the hiring and new client processes.

Having grown up in Mcewen, Mercer joins the company after graduating from Austin PEAY State University in Clarksville, Tenn. with a degree in Megatronics and Electrical Engineering. As a collegiate athlete, she knows the importance of teamwork. Her problem solving skills will be an asset to help the company continue to improve its processes. As the company continues to grow, Mercer will be essential in keeping everything moving in a timely manner.

“As someone who grew here, I am excited to join a family owned business. It gives me pride to contribute to the safety of the citizens, businesses, friends and neighbors, and the community.” Said Ms. Madelyn Mercer, Director of Sales and Recruiting of Crowe Overwatch TN Security.

About Crowe Overwatch TN Security

Crowe Overwatch TN Security has proven itself a leader in the private security industry. Crowe Overwatch TN Security offers a variety of security services including: personal protection and threat management solutions, armed and unarmed security for business facilities, event security, and load control and protection. Headquartered in Nashville (Tenn.), Crowe Overwatch TN Security’s mission is to raise the standard of quality security services with customized security plans and expertly trained security officers. Founded by Adrienne Crowe and retired law enforcement officer Joshua Crowe, Crowe Overwatch TN Security is a family owned business with deep roots in the Nashville community.

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