• Katherine Astor

Give Yourself and Your Customers Peace of Mind

Business owners in Tennessee are facing a host of problems including supply and employee shortages, but the rising crime rate does not have to be a problem to concern yourself with. Crowe Overwatch TN Security offers armed security services to business owners that will protect their property and customers. Our officers are trained to identify and neutralize threats in a professional manner.

Having Private Security on the premise not only makes your customers feel safer, it deters crime. Crowe Overwatch TN Security will protect your property from those who would steal, vandalize, or burn your property. We dedicate ourselves to keeping our clients and our community safe, and having a private security firm protect your property is the best way to insulate yourself in the face of rising crime rates.

About Crowe Overwatch Tn Security

Crowe Overwatch TN Security has proven itself a leader in the private security industry. Crowe Overwatch TN Security offers a variety of security services including: personal protection and threat management solutions, armed and unarmed security for business facilities, event security, and load control and protection. Headquartered in Nashville (Tenn.), Crowe Overwatch TN Security’s mission is to raise the standard of quality security services with customized security plans and expertly trained security officers. Founded by Adrienne Crowe and retired law enforcement officer Joshua Crowe, Crowe Overwatch TN Security is a family owned business with deep roots in the Nashville community.

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