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Protecting Covid Testing Facility that Serves Homeless Community

Nashville Tenn. July 24, 2020Crowe Overwatch TN Security was contracted by FEMA in July 2020 to provide security to healthcare centers that are providing testing for Covid-19. The company was recommended by an unarmed security company to provide armed P.O.S.T. Officer to secure a location set up to provide safe housing to homeless people in the Nashville area. Crowe Overwatch TN Security will continue providing services into the spring of 2021.

The facility provides a medically and environmentally safe shelter where homeless individuals can take refuge as they go through the testing process and receive medical treatment. Crowe Overwatch TN Security has been tasked with maintaining the integrity of the operation by keeping track of who enters and leaves the facility and whether they have been infected by the virus. The facility houses a minimum of 100 people at any time.

“It is nice to see a government fund go to the care of those most in need. All people deserve to be respected, it is good to be part of something that takes care of the often neglected homeless community.”

About Crowe Security

Crowe Overwatch TN Security has proven itself a leader in the private security industry. Crowe Overwatch TN Security offers a variety of security services including: personal protection and threat management solutions, armed and unarmed security for business facilities, event security, and load control and protection. Headquartered in Nashville (Tenn.), Crowe Overwatch TN Security’s mission is to raise the standard of quality security services with customized security plans and expertly trained security officers. Founded by Adrienne Crowe and retired law enforcement officer Joshua Crowe, Crowe Overwatch TN Security is a family owned business with deep roots in the Nashville community.

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